Truck Types

End Dump
Capacity: 23 - 26 tons
Pros: Cheap, can haul many types of material
Cons: Needs level ground and a lot of space.
Capacity: 22 - 24 tons
Pros: Can haul two types of material at once. Very Manueverable
Cons: Most expensive because of dump time.
Capacity: 25 Tons
Pros: Manueverable - good for asphalt
Cons: Can't haul big material.
10 Wheeler
Capacity: 13 Tons
Pros: Maneuverable, Larger Material
Cons: Expensive - not a lot of tons to spread out the cost.
Belly Dump
Capacity: 25 tons
Pros: Road projects - (ABC) good to spread out material.
Cons: Can't dump in a pile.

Specialty Trucks

Side Dump Gravel Shooter Grapple Crane Truck Dumb